johnhain – PIXABAY

There are practice assessments open in SOCRATIVE for you to use to review.

Most of these assessments contain more than 50+ questions. The questions and answer choices will scramble each time you start the assessment. It is also set to tell you if you were right or wrong before moving on to the next question, and it will give you your final score. Some questions also have explanations attached.

Socrative Room Names and Assessments

SEMSCI – Earth History
SEMSCI2 – Hydrosphere/Water
SEMSCI3 – Ecosystems
SEMSCI4 – Genetics and Evolution
SEMSCI5 – Diseases
SEMSCI6 – Biotechnology
SEMSCI7 – Matter/Chemistry
SEMSCI8 – Energy Resources
SEMSCI9 – Released EOG #1
SEMSCI10 – Released EOG #2
SEMSCI11 – Practice Questions #1
SEMSCI12 – Practices Questions #2
SEMSCI13 – Cells and Cell Processes
SEMSCI14 – [closed/ TBA]